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We have a problem . . .


There are two attorneys in San Diego County with the same name. Michael Pines, a 53-year-old La Jolla personal injury attorney, is NOT related to or associated with 59-year-old Michael T. Pines, the attorney noted for his questionable foreclosure tactics and the attorney referred to on this site. Anyone who has been following the news regarding the break-in attorney will know his identity; his face has been blasted across various media.

Real Estate Scam/Fraud/Elder Abuse by Michael T. Pines, Attorney

Michael T. Pines has charged dozens of homeowners upwards of $5,000 each plus $650 per hour retainers. He “demands” that his clients stop paying their mortgages and pay him. Then he schedules press conferences while he breaks into their foreclosed homes to garner media exposure. Often these are senior citizens.

Unbelievable: Michael T. Pines has started yet another company and is positioning himself "As the leading expert in foreclosure relief, (he) continually monitors the strategies of the banks and the government. His latest methods can only be learned at Precedent Legal Systems™.

A group in Marin County, California, working to save homes from foreclosure, knows of at least four families that have lost their homes due to Michael T. Pines’s machinations. Several others paid fees and never received services. Michael T. Pines misses filing dates and court dates; he was sanctioned by a judge in Marin County for NOT appearing as scheduled. He has stated in eMails that he “forgot” to file papers on time.

Client duped by breakin foreclosure attorneyAs a result, one 74-year-old Mill Valley (Marin County) woman lost her home; she was advised by Michael T. Pines to go back into her home after the sheriff took possession. Michael T. Pines was NOT around to support that person. His client followed his advice; within hours, she was arrested and taken to jail in handcuffs. Those handcuffs caused serious bruising (image right). She has not been able to return to her home; Michael T. Pines still has her retainer fee.

Another gentleman in his 70s, who also paid Michael T. Pines $5,000, just lost his home of 30+ years. He packed up belongings and his cats and moved from Marin to a country further North.

According to a notice elsewhere on this site:

Michael T. Pines was evicted from his building at 732 N. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 on January 14, 2011. Locks were changed and he was booted out by US Marshals. There apparently is a notice of eviction in those offices. Michael T. Pines ignored a court order to move out; he told clients that his office was broken into and his files were stolen. Michael T. Pines did not inform his employees; they showed up for work on January 14 and were locked out. He is purportedly working out of a condo which he rents from his ex-wife, who is also a mortgage holder in default on the 732 N. Coast Highway building.

Unbelievable: Michael T. Pines has started yet another company and is positioning himself as “The leading expert in foreclosure relief.” His former site is down. He is now “presenting” himself under the guise of Precedent Legal Systems, ( Michael T. Pines is giving seminars; this is a very scary thought and at least one fine hotel checked into his background and cancelled his seminar:



$795 Preregister; $995 At the Door
$1295 V.I.P. Upfront seating and lunch with
Michael T. Pines to Discuss and Answer Questions

Published by Cutting Edge Resources for Successful Foreclosure Relief: His latest methods can only be learned at Precedent Legal Systems™. First publication in 2010 by IngGo Group LLC, 132 N. El Camino Real #327, Encinitas, CA 92024 / PRECEDENT Legal Systems is a trademark of InGo Group, LLC ©2010 All rights reserved.

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8 Responses to “We have a problem . . .”

  1. Jess says on :

    It’s pathetic and scary that people are so desperate for a solution that they turn to someone who can never help them, will never help them, and will absolutely take their money eventually leaving them homeless.

    Pines has one POOR LEGAL Strategy: Buy time. Pay Pines a fortune, don’t pay your mortgage, and he’ll file frivolous lawsuits, malpractice your case to the hilt, file a bankruptcy when all else fails, charge you some more, and take the money and run when the Sherriff comes to evict you.

    You can have the same solution on your own. You don’t need Pines to tell you to squat at a $5K retainer and $650. per hour. To date, Michael T. Pines has NEVER won a case against a bank or mortgage company. Including his own mortgage holders – see decisions on below links.

    Watch this Video about the 7 families Michael T. Pines stole money from at Marin Family Action:

    ATTENTION Michael T. Pines:
    You have an EVICTION NOTICE POSTED ON YOUR FROMER OFFICE BUIDLING WINDOWS AND YOU WANT TO OFFER A SEMINAR ON “Successful FORECLOSURE RELIEF STRATEGIES” and call yourself a “Foreclosure Relief Expert” and “Foreclosure Relief Attorney” ARE YOU SERIOUS? Or Stupid? YOU NEVER WON A CASE AGAINST a MORTAGE COMPANY – EVER! YOU’VE NEVER KNOWN SUCCESS. Not in real estate, not in business, and especially not in foreclosure relief. To date, Michael T. Pines has NEVER won a case against a bank or mortgage company. Including his own mortgage holders.

    Michael T. Pines has 6, possibly 7, foreclosed properties including his former law office building he was evicted from on Jan. 14, 2011. Drive by his office: 732 N. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas, CA 92024. You’ll see an eviction notice and FOR SALE sign posted on the doors and windows – EVICTED. LOST. FAILED. NO OFFICE. Pines works out of a condo he’s renting from his ex-wife.

    Michael T. Pines filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on January 11, 2010, he miserably represented himself and it was converted to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which STILL has not been discharged over a YEAR later.

    This June 2009 Decision from the Utah Courts about Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE & COURT LOSS :

    Or this one, dated January 2009, regarding Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE and COURT LOSS:

    Or this one dated July 2008, regarding Michael T. Pines’ OWN PERSONAL FORCLOSURE and COURT LOSS:

    Is this the guy you want to pay money to for a seminar so you can learn “SUCCESSFUL FORECLOSURE RELIEF STRATITGES”? Is this the attorney you want to hire to help you fight a foreclosure?
    If so, excuse me while I LAUGH OUT LOUD.

  2. happy client says on :

    What you DON’T know is that the BANKS have STOLEN these homes and THAT is why clients are losing them. Not because of Mr. Pines.

    Do you ever research or write about the clients homes he HAS saved? No, because you obviousy have a personal vandetta and you are a loser with nothing better to do. I hope this corrupt country steals YOUR home and then who are you going to blame?

    (Editor’s Note: PLEASE supply me with a list of homes Mr. Pines has saved. We will happily give him credit right here if credit is due.

    And who are you that you would wish that anyone would lose his home? Have you seen anyone taken from his/home in handcuffs because Michael Pines advised someone to go back into an already-foreclosed home against a sheriff’s order? No? We have — and it was a 74-year-old woman. The bruises on her arms from handcuffs were frightening to see. Please see something like THAT before suggesting that Michael Pines is a fine person.

    As for the banks stealing homes, for most, probably yes. But for others no . . . people foolishly keep pulling money out of their homes as though they were piggy banks with absolutely no means to pay them back. THAT is not the bank’s fault; that is the individuals irresponsibility.)

  3. Jess says on :

    Happy Client . . . Wake up and stop guzzling the Michael T. Pines Kool-Aid.

    You are a Pines client because you thought it was OK to NOT pay your mortgage, live for free and steal from the government and the lender and then use the money you saved from not paying your note to sport Pines’ lifestyle.

    You’ll be homeless and he’ll have thousands in the bank. Watch. Wait and See. Then you can come over from the dark side, once you wake up and get a clue. Then you can call the State Bar of California, plead your case and try to get a refund.

    Because I know ONE THING FOR SURE: Your house was NOT saved by Pines and NEVER WILL be saved by Pines because Pines has NEVER, EVER won a case against a mortgage company, not even his own 7 lenders (TO DATE). That makes him a LOSER on all counts in the courts and you are not going to be a “happy client” for long . . . it’s a matter of time before you are evicted.

  4. Sam says on :

    I was taken by M Pines for $4,500 and unfortunatly I may not be able to defend myself against unlawful foreclosure due to his doing nothing . . . I have not received any refund from him. He took money from me my children and my wife who is fighting cancer. He lied to me and gave false hope.

    (Editor’s Note: Please report such people to the State Bar. If we don’t do something, nothing will happen to people like Pines. We understand what he “thinks” he is doing: crush questionable American banking/mortgage practices, which definitely need “fixing.” However, Pines is failing individuals with his crass methods. He thinks he is some type of civil rights advocate. We think he has illusions of grandeur . . . at YOUR expense.)

  5. pinesinsider says on :

    There is more where this came from. You should search the SD County Court website for “Reventures” . . . a series of companies owned by (Michael) Pines. He has been sued repeatedly by former employees and business partners.

  6. Colo says on :

    Michael T. Pines has been evaluated for his MENTAL COMPETENCY.
    Choose: UNKNOWN / ALL for Party TYPE and Case Location and you’ll see how Michael T. Pines was ORDERED to undergo mental competency exams while he was in jail. Yes, he failed a couple — get the transcripts.

    Case Number Party Name Matches Opposing Party Case Location Case Type Date Filed
    MH106879 PINES, MICHAEL N/A San Diego Mental Health 02/07/2012
    MH106716 PINES, MICHAEL THEODORE N/A San Diego Mental Health 09/21/2011

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